Out Of Town: Prune Nourry and Robin Kid Exhibitions at Galerie Templon

Question your perceptions and senses with Galerie Templon’s upcoming shows to open the Autumn/Winter 2021 season PRUNE NOURRY – Phoenix Project 4 September – 23 October in Paris at Galerie Templon, 30 Rue Beaubourg.

PRUNE NOURRY – Phoenix Project 4 September – 23 October

For an exhibition centered on the intertwining themes of art and healing, and rebirth after a particular ordeal, Prune Nourry invites you to come and discover her latest artwork – eight busts of visually impaired models that the artist made blindfolded, inspired by their personal history.- through touch and in absolute darkness. Each visitor will be invited to discover the portraits accompanied by a sound broadcast of the meetings between the artist and her models, as well as watching a short film by Vincent Lorca that retraces the different stages of the project.   

ROBIN KID – It’s All Your Fault 4 September – 23 October

For the first time at the Templon Gallery, Robin Kid will be presenting a new collection of works questioning the way we live, our dependence on the news that we can access 24/7, and the addictions we have to TV screens and phones glued to our hands. 

“By taking the Zeitgeist of today and breaking it apart into de-fragmented wall-relief paintings, sculptures and installations, I try to capture the despair and revulsion of my young generation and take a baseball bat to everything else.”

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