Hostess Tips For Your Virtual Holiday Parties

This Holiday Season will be different for all of us. Many of us will be celebrating with less family and friends than other years and some will opt for virtual parties to keep safe. Virtual soirées can still be fun! Here are some fun tips to maximize your celebration and enjoy the holiday season from afar.

Tip 1. Connect Zoom to your Smart TV

Sitting around hovering over a computer is never fun. At a party we want to be comfortable, have the ability to roam around and grab our champagne or even show off our festive outfits. Connecting your Zoom to your Smart TV so you can see your friends and family on the big screen is the perfect way to do all that. Set up your computer camera right below so they can still see you while you’re hands-free enjoying the party! Encourage all guests to do this to ensure everyone is comfortable so they want to stay and celebrate longer.

Tip 2. Dress To Impress

Speaking of showing off showing off your festive outfits – who said virtual parties means not dressing up? Not us! To really get in the spirit of a holiday you must dress up! As hostess you should implement a theme like Ugly Christmas Sweater, Holiday PJ Party, or Black-Tie Sparkle to get guests in the spirit and ready to party!

Tip 3. Send Goodie Bags to Guests in Advance

While delicious hot passed hors d’oeuvres may be off the table this year, food is still the best part of any party! The ultimate hostess will send goodie bags to each guest on the day of the party.  

Mother & son duo Frann and Neil Edley from Sugar Plum shares “With the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in this year, the move to virtual gatherings doesn’t have to mean that all of the magic that comes bundled with an in-person physical touch has to be lost!  On the contrary, we have found that our customers have fallen in love with the idea of creating a special goodie bag filled to the brim with treats everyone can open and savor at the same time while enjoying special moments spent virtually together.   To ensure that our treats meet the highest safety standards possible, all of our treats have been “COVID-ized” and individually-wrapped, which also makes them super easy to send directly out to loved ones or to buy a few of our collections and build your very own goodie bags from scratch!  Some of our hottest selling items for these goodie bags have been the “comfort packs” found within our Holiday Nut Gift Box, which features six 4-ounce varieties of nuts and treats that include chocolate-covered bridge mix, butter pecans, salted cashews, cranberry nut blend, cherry almonds, and honey sea salt peanuts.  We’ve also seen a ton of positive feedback from customers who have ordered our Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies and Chocolate-Covered Pretzels.”

Tip 4. Planned Funtivities

Virtual Parties always flow better when there is some sort of agenda. A game in the middle of your soirée revives everyone’s spirit when the party may be starting to lag, and gives guests something to bond over. Try the Kahoot! or Houseparty apps.

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