All The FUNBOY Pool Floats You Need This Summer

Are you really having a good summer if you don’t instagram yourself in the Hamptons on a FUNBOY pool float?!

Okay, there are other ways of enjoying yourself this summer but playing with friends in the cool water on a warm day is definitely atop our list.

As with every year FUNBOY has new floats to spice up your gram this summer. Check out our favorites!



FUNBOY teamed up with artist Jason Woodside and Smirnoff Seltzer to create a fun-of-a-kind limited edition float celebrating all things summer. Inspired by the ultra-fast speed boat design that skims across the water, the Smirnoff Seltzer x FUNBOY Hydroplane is sure to turn heads as the most colorful float of summer. Adorned with artwork created by acclaimed artist Jason Woodside with colors inspired by Smirnoff Seltzer Rosé flavors and colors.




the FUNBOY Rainbow Clear Floating Lounger – the ultimate floating chaise lounge chair. FUNBOY’s unique tri-color clear design creates fanciful ombre effect on the water. The extra-thick, smooth transparent material allows you to see through the chair and into the water – creating unique color hues that change throughout the day depending on the light. Use in the water and on land!

The FUNBOY Rainbow Clear Chair is unbelievably comfortable both on land and floating in the water. Use in your backyard for ultimate relaxation on the grass or bring to the beach for the most exclusive chaise on the sand – YOURS!. The most versatile float on the market – in the pool, chilling poolside, in the yard, at the beach or for that special event!




FUNBOY traded their old private jet for something NEW. Taking flight for 2019, the NEW FUNBOY Private Jet float features a new look with metallic gold and baby blue accents throughout and a checkered daybed print. The new plane pool float also includes a new reinforced cup-holder to keep your favorite beverage firmly in-place. Why fly commercial when you can fly private this summer?!




Totally 90’s and perfectly pink – The PINK FUNBOY RETRO PHONE pool float. This phone is so HELLA cool you’ll DEF be getting tons of summer rings when you float with these digits. AS IF you need to know more, it’s even got a cup holder and a built-in headrest so you’ll be straight chillin. Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski – this one’s for you. 1-800-FUNBOY.



Our classic unicorn with a glittery pink remix. Translucent clear material tinted with millennial pink. Filled with glitter for a wild metallic unicorn float experience. A reconstructed base for added stability and a new cup holder. Unicorns do exist.


Speed into summer with the fastest (looking) float on the water – FUNBOY’s new Red Sports Car pool float. Designed to resemble the great 80’s era sports cars with a shiny red paint job and blue & white racing stripes. Features include a luxurious daybed for 1-2 adults, dual (2) cup holders and a large cooler in the back!

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