NuYu Revolution, Fitness Classes for EVERY Body

As I walked into NuYu Revolution for my first class, I felt like I was being welcomed into an oasis that existed miles away from the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets. The sounds of the city drifted away, the warm lighting created familiar comfort, and Susan Rappenport, the owner and founder of NuYu Revolution, welcomed me with open arms.

Prior to attending my classes at NuYu Revolution, I went on their website to look at my class options and get a feel for the studio. I was immediately intrigued. Susan was offering classes I’d never seen before! My background is in dance, so I will forever hear my dance teachers in the back of my head reminding me of proper alignment when I exercise, but proper alignment is not often emphasized to the general public that is just trying to get a sweat on! While many people are out there searching for the next quick fix, Susan has dedicated herself to creating an environment that cultivates sustainable results. When you dedicate your time to a “Spine Alignment” class or “Posture Cycle” (Susan’s approach to healthful cycling classes) you are dedicating yourself to years of SAFE working out that you can sustain. Based off the website, I could tell that Susan was dedicated to educating her clients and helping those that are anxious when stepping into the fitness arena. I am so pleased to share that this was true upon meeting her!

When I met Susan, it was clear I was in the presence of an EDUCATOR. She immediately asked about my prior fitness experience and wanted to make sure I felt as unintimidated as possible before entering the classroom. Susan is very passionate about creating an environment where those that don’t know where to begin with fitness would be welcomed and guided. She acknowledges that immense hard work is involved, but that you don’t have to do it alone! She sends her clients accountability messages, checks in if she notices they’ve been absent, and TAKES THE TIME to educate her clients during a class if need be. Susan understands that there is a lot of mental training involved in physical transformations, not just reps with weights and the number of calories burned.

During my time at NuYu, I took Revolution Ballet and NuYuga Hatha. Both experiences left me feeling empowered, educated and sore the next day! Revolution Ballet was NuYu’s take on exercises you might see done by ballerinas, but broken down for those of us not pursuing a career in that field! The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and explained our body placement the entire time, so that our workout was as efficient as possible. I then took NuYuga Hatha from the owner herself, Susan. I was encouraged to bring a mug of tea or coffee (complimentary at the studio) into class with me and we dove into an experience that left me feeling stronger, rejuvenated, and wiser. I never found that my mind was wandering because Susan was giving us food for thought or making adjustments to our practice the entire time. Susan was proud to share that she understands everyone has different learning styles, so she has employed a staff of teachers that caters to those needs.

As a dance educator and someone that loves to learn, I have to admit that I have a bit of a bias as I proclaim my love for NuYu Revolution! How could you not fall in love with a place that puts process before results, acknowledges that hard work and time are necessary components of reaching optimal form, and strives to educate their clients and help them create a sustainably, healthful life? I didn’t simply go through the motions during my time exercising at NuYu. Susan’s words left an imprint on me and have stayed with me since. I am currently traveling the country with a stunt show that comes with extremely high physical demands. I have incorporated some of Susan’s yoga flows into my warm-up for the show, and I can hear her voice leading me through them every time. Her classes create a lasting impact.

I would highly suggest NuYu Revolution to those that are looking to find a workout routine they can sustain and enjoy. Susan is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for her clients…an environment that can quickly transition into a home of growth for them. 

Head to for class schedules, faculty bios, and dozens of testimonials, magazine articles, and TV segments featuring the studio.


About The Author

Madison Embrey is a Michigan native that moved to NYC in 2010. After completing her BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University in downtown Manhattan, she toured the United States and Europe with the live-action stunt show, Marvel Universe Live! Upon moving back to NYC for dance, Madison has worked in television, motion capture, and live theater. When not performing, Madison loves reading, writing, drinking coffee, and creating adventures in everyday activities. You can follow Madison on Instagram at @madisonembrey.

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