Listing: Daniel Arsham Presents 3018 Exhibition This September

From September 8th to October 21st, Galerie Perrotin will be presenting Daniel Arsham’s latest exhibition, 3018. Daniel’s interest in materials-synthetic and natural, manmade and geological—pervades all the work on view, and with 3018, Arsham remains committed to his signature gesture: transposition. He casts common objects in geological materials that render them as obsolete as they are recognizable, thus highlighting their iconic status.

The use of materials in Arsham’s works lends the gift of time travel to his audience. Upon viewing the work, Eroded Delorean, reminiscent of Back to the Future’s (1985) essential prop, the audience can travel forward to a time when engines are obsolete and nature has begun to claim the remnants as a new ground for growth. The car is in a state of decay and portions of the shell have eroded away revealing a mineral core underneath. Volcanic ash, pyrite crystal, selenite, and quartz have sprouted where the mechanical components used to be. 

WHAT: Daniel Arsham’s Exhibition, 3018

WHEN: 09/08-10/21

WHERE: Galerie Perrotin, 130 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

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