PHOTOS: Together1heart and JEZ Magazine Partner for NYC Launch

Together1heart works to care for and secure the rights of young women and girls who are victims or at risk of being victims of slavery, and to successfully recover, educate, train, and reintegrate them into society. Last week, together1heart partnered with JEZ Magazine for a launch event at Midtown’s Monarch Rooftop. The event was hosted by the February cover stars, supermodel Carol Alt and Mad Menand Teen Wolf star Ian Bohen.

Carol Alt, Alex Lundqvist, Karolina Lundqvist

“This is an incredible evening for together1heart to announce a partnership with JEZ Magazine,” said Bill Livermore, Executive Director of together1heart. “JEZ is a special publication in that its focus is not just on fashion and beauty, but on how fashion and beauty is deeper than just appearance. To their core, they’re all about social improvement and ways they can work to raise the empowerment of women.”

Bill Livermore, Victoria DeBlauss

“This year,” Livermore continued, “together1hear will be focusing on empowering survivors, young victims to surviviorhood, microfinance and microeconomic development, and vocational training. We have a new scholarship program where we believe nine girls will enter university – which is pretty incredible considering where they’ve come from – to be able to enter university and study for the next five years.”

Megan Irminger, Ian Bohen

“This magazine is about culture, style and fashion, but, most importantly, it’s about social change,” said actor Ian Bohen. He then said, “We are working with together1heart to help the victims of sex trafficking. Bill Livermore helped write President Obama’s anti-slavery proclamation. There hasn’t been an anti-slavery proclamation from any president since Abraham Lincoln. And there are more slaves in the world than there have ever been in history. So just think about that. So we’re going to work with together1heart to fix that.”

ZangToi, Carol Alt

Supermodel Carol Alt exclaimed to the crowded room: “I wanted to applaud Ezequiel De La Rosa, who is the publisher and editor of JEZ Magazine. And, by the way, he took all the photos of me as well.” Alt described how De La Rosa asked her to travel to Portugal for the shoot, which she gladly accepted. “We went to Portugal Fashion Week,” she exclaimed. “I ended up walking on the runway for a show. Believe it or not, at this day in age, I walked in a show.” The room erupted in applause.

Botumroath Lebun

JEZ Magazine hopes to immerse readers into a multicultural world of original fashion and creativity, alongside heartfelt and enlightening interviews. JEZ hopes to encourage a spirit of positivity and philanthropy.

Carol Alt, Marie-Claire Giraud

together1heart, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, works to ensure that the young women who are victims of sexual slavery and those at risk of becoming victims of it can get the help they need to live healthy, s sustainable lives. For more information go to:

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