Art Basel with Michael Wein’s ROYGBIV

ROYGBIV was Michael Wein’s first solo exhibition during Art Basel. Displaying many facets of the “prism” is symbolic to the way Michael lives his life; beliefs stemming from the fluidity and color of life which associates him with the Growth Mindset. He doesn’t see life’s challenges with one fixed solution. This is how Michael shifts his vision into his work— constantly moving, finding ideas, conversations and concepts that may differ, yet are actually connected. Michael creates two mediums of artwork, paintings and large scale installations. On canvas, he uses acrylic and resin and for the installations, glass filled with sand displayed upon brass stands.

Wein, a Houston born, New York city based artist, draws his inspiration from the emotional and logical ebb and flow of life. Michael has spent the past decade  observing the nuances of life and inventing tangible solutions in the form of consumer products. He has shifted his vision for problem solving to his canvases & installations. He encourages his viewers   to let the fluidity in his artwork be the starting point to allow areas in their life to become more fluid, or open, as well.

WEIN threw himself into his artistic pursuits as a young child when he discovered the restorative joy and flow of painting on the floor of his father’s New York City loft. Completely self-taught, an outsider by choice, WEIN never wanted his art to be persuaded or compromised by a formal art education.

WEIN’s eclectic, post-abstract style marries an unconventional and complicated layered acrylic technique that involves maneuvering a canvas to create a psychedelic flow, which he then disrupts with various tools. Some pieces—the chosen ones—are finished with his signature resin glaze, adding yet another layer of depth that creates the sensation of gazing into transcendent art through a puddle.

His work process, including the use of large canvases laid flat, has largely been influenced by abstract legends such as Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock: apt, considering his studio in East Hampton is but a few miles from where Pollock spent his time creating. WEIN aims for his art to provoke thoughtful, multi-layered conversation while taking viewers on their own hallucinogenic journey, whether literal or figurative.


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