Cryofuel, Taking Recovery to the Next Level

New York City may be resisting a drop in temperature, but Cryofuel in Tribeca is taking things down to -244 degrees! Opened in June 2017, Cryofuel is the newest cryotherapy spa to hit NYC. I had a chance to meet the owner and take the plunge!

First things first, what is cryotherapy?

By exposing the body to temperatures below -200 for around 3 minutes, your body goes into overdrive to keep you functioning. Your heart rapidly pumps blood to the vital organs meaning copious amounts of oxygen are brought to those organs, and your body is better equipped to repair itself. Cryotherapy has been used in the medical field for decades to treat injuries, inflammation, and chronic pain.

Ben Feinson, personal trainer turned entrepreneur and co-founder of Cryofuel, wanted to make cryotherapy more accessible to the public. During his personal training days in London, he was looking into different means of recovery. It was clear to him that cryotherapy was incredible for the body, but it wasn’t readily available to the public like a massage. When I asked him if there was a place in London that he modeled Cryofuel after, he said there wasn’t, which was exactly why he and his family wanted to create something! He said all of the cryotherapy facilities felt “clinical” and were not comfortable. His goal was to create an enjoyable experience for his customers. After trying it for myself, I can tell you this is EXACTLY what he’s accomplished!

Located on the west side of Canal Street, Cryofuel welcomes you with a futuristic, clean aesthetic. My friend and I were greeted by the kindest staff that checked us in and showed us back to our individual changing rooms. We changed out of our clothes into robes, thermal socks, and gloves. Hannah, a Cryofuel staff member, guided us from the changing rooms to the cryotherapy chamber. The rooms are hooked up to Spotify, so you can pick the song of your choice for your 3 minute service! Once inside the chamber, I removed my robe and nervously said, “Let’s do it!” The temperature dropped slower than anticipated, so I was able to acclimate. My face was not exposed to the cold either, so I was able to laugh with my friend and talk to Hannah the entire time. It was certainly chilly, but never uncomfortable. With 30 seconds left, the machine hit the -244 mark. At that point, I’d adjusted to the cold and was breathing normally. When the 3 minutes were over, Hannah handed me my robe, and I stepped out feeling a little tingly, but bizarrely energized and present. I changed back into my clothes, and vouliez! My Cryofuel experience was complete! If this was part of your daily routine, you could be in and out in 15 minutes. Super convenient!

The experience itself was amazing, but the results I experienced in the following 24 hours are what impressed me the most. Later that day I attended a boxing class, and I felt invincible! My stamina was through the roof! That night, I slept like a baby. I had also been nursing a sore lower back in the beginning of the week and woke up with total muscular relief. I completely and utterly understood why someone would be so drawn to cryotherapy. I wanted to go shout from the rooftops how wonderful I felt after my Cryofuel service!

Cryofuel offers a variety of services. According to their website: 

  • “Whole-body Cryotherapy will help reduce inflammation, speed up muscle tissue recovery, boost your immune system and reduce any chronic pain.

  • “Cryo Injury we can localize the treatment to any area you may have injured during the race to draw blood away, so it becomes more oxygenated and nutritionally dense, speeding up the healing process as a result.”
  • Infrared Sauna benefit from a full body detoxification improved circulation and skin purification.”

Their most unique service is brand new, and it’s called Cryoskin 2.0. According to Ben, it’s the FIRST and ONLY machine of its kind in the United States. Cryoskin is a 28-minute, non-invasive treatment that naturally destroys fat cells. You can be off and on your way right after the service.

As a dancer and athlete, I’m diligent when it comes to the recovery game! Between foam rollers, stem units, protein powders, ibuprofen, and ice packs – I occasionally feel as though I’m running a physical therapy unit out of my apartment. If I could walk into Cryofuel every morning and begin my day with their services, I would. Cryofuel has made something that was once so clinical, accessible to the public.

I encourage you to take the -244 degree plunge! You’ve got nothing to be nervous about. You’ll come out feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and maybe just a little bit invincible!

Madison Embrey is a Michigan native that moved to NYC in 2010. After completing her BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University in downtown Manhattan, she toured the United States and Europe with a live-action stunt show called Marvel Universe Live! Madison is the 2017 recipient of the Lorna Strassler Award for Student Excellence awarded by The School at Jacob’s Pillow. Pursuing her dance career in NYC, she can most often be seen with a smile on her face and a coffee in hand. You can follow Madison on Instagram at @madisonembrey.

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