Felicity Huffman, Cat Greenleaf, Amanda Quinnones At Renew Life Luncheon & Launch

Renew Life Campaign Launch and Luncheon: Being Human Takes Guts
(From L to R: Cat Greenleaf, Felicity Huffman, Ellie Krieger, Amanda Quinnones, and Katie Keil)

Last Tuesday, actress Felicity Huffman wasn’t busy filming her hit TV show or preparing for the Emmy Awards. She was at a rooftop lounge in NYC promoting another passion of hers, gut health and Renew Life Probiotics. Renew Life, a company that’s been in the health industry for twenty years, launched its new campaign “Being Human Takes Guts” at this luncheon, promoting digestive health and the courage it takes to be a human in 2017.

(Felicity Huffman and myself after the luncheon.)

Huffman was joined by supermodel Amanda Quinnones, dietician Ellie Kreiger, and Renew Life marketing director, Katie Keil. Cat Greenleaf of “Talk Stoop” did a fabulous job moderating the panel.

Each speaker had something valuable to contribute to the discussion:

  • Felicity Huffman was introduced to Renew Life back in her Desperate Housewives days. She was frequently getting sick on set from the busy schedule. When probiotics (a positive bacteria that aids in digestion and overall gut health) were introduced to her, she immediately noticed the effects. She and her family have been taking probiotics for years and swear by them. She spoke about this not so glamorous subject with humor, charm, and a contagious sense of urgency.
  • Supermodel Amanda Quinnones’ story is being shared through this campaign, as well. Amanda is the mother of a beautiful son named Micah who was born with down sydrome. Probiotics have been part of his life since birth and have shown to make a substantial difference in his cognitive development. She brought passion to the panel, and you could see the difference Renew Life products have made in her family’s life. You can see Micah’s sweet face in the company’s newest commercial and on Instagram @lifewithmicah!
  • Katie Keil, the Renew Life representative, handled all the facts for us! Our delicious lunch was filled with foods that were rich in probiotics and Katie answered all the ins and outs of gut health. This fun fact got me: 95% of our body’s seratonin- the chemical that makes us happy- is produced in the gut. When your gut isn’t healthy, no wonder it’s hard to feel your best!
  • Ellie Kreiger, dietician and NY Times best-selling cookbook author, answered the groups’ curiosity about probiotics and the benefits of taking a daily probiotic in addition to the nutrient-rich food we eat. I had a chance to sit down with Ellie after the luncheon to discuss the launch. With a plethora of experience and multiple degrees in the health field, I asked her, “Why are you excited to be part of this Renew Life campaign?” She replied, “The reputation of the company. In this world of supplements, you never know sometimes what’s in it, and I have a lot of trust in the company itself.”
(They had a brilliant photobooth! We got to choose the caption of our photos, and they typed it in as we posed!)

The panel really engaged with the audience members, spoke sincerely about Renew Life products, and answered questions, in detail, about probiotics and the “Being Human Takes Guts” campaign. My takeaway is that a healthy gut leads to a healthier body, mind and life overall. If you feel great, you’ve got the ability to tackle your goals (even the frightening ones) with guts!

(I had a really positive experience with the 3-Day Cleanse pictured above. This product can be ordered online or found in many local grocery and drug stores.) 

Our bodies are brilliantly designed machines, and Renew Life is doing the best it can to help consumers reach their full potential. As I was doing my research on the company before the event, I watched their newest campaign commercial. If you haven’t seen it, grab a tissue! This commercial is truly moving, inspirational, and yes, GUTSY.  Watch it here!

(The Park Lounge at the Gansevoort Hotel in NYC was a beautiful venue for the afternoon.)
(The menu included probiotic-rich foods. Everything tasted delicious!)

For more information and facts about Renew Life products head to www.renewlife.com

(Renew Life made sure everyone left with a bag of products to sample and some motivational words!)

Photos courtesy of Purple Door Communications and my cellular device.


Madison Embrey is a Michigan native that moved to NYC in 2010. After completing her BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University in downtown Manhattan, she toured the United States and Europe with a live-action stunt show called Marvel Universe Live! Now back pursuing her dance career in NYC, she can most often be seen with a smile on her face and a coffee in hand. You can follow Madison on Instagram at @madisonembrey.

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