4 Ways To Celebrate National Yoga Month

September is national yoga month and that’s just another wonderful excuse to immerse ourselves in some new technique, peaceful meditation, and fitness knowledge. Here are a few ways to enjoy a yoga filled September!

Take It Outside

September is that beautiful time of the year New Yorkers can enjoy the outdoors without melting away or freezing to the bone. We recommend grabbing your mat and heading to your local park! Find a nice quiet area where the breeze is flowing, the leaves are rustling and you can tune out the stress of your daily life. 

Grab Some New Gear

What better way to celebrate than with some new yoga pants, tops. accessories?! We can’t help ourselves when the gear is this cute! (click for details)

Free Yoga

New Yorkers are so lucky in that there are always lots of FREE events going on. For Yoga month, NYC Parks department has an entire line up of free yoga you can join in on! View the full list HERE!

Try Something Different

There are so many different types and variations of yoga. Why not try stepping outside your comfort zone and learning something new? This September, we challenge YOU to try a new class – or even just a new pose you’ve never been able to do! Post a picture on instagram and use #NYRag to be featured! 

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