Out Of Town: Museum of Ice Cream Extends San Francisco Exhibit, Tickets On Sale!

Museum of Ice Cream’s newest location is San Francisco – opening this Sunday. Tickets are on sale NOW! San Francisco has already been an immense hit receiving 10 times the demand of Los Angeles so they have extended their run until February 2018!

Founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn has taken the museum to an unbelievable next level with the launch of Museum of Ice Cream in the historic 1 Grant Ave building in the heart of Union Square. The nearly 108 year old historic landmark is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and the installations have been built around structures that have been hidden from view for decades. Expect to find everything from Marye’s 1950’s inspired diner where you can listen to The Supreme’s on the jukebox and taste Bi-Rite ice cream at the counter, a Rainbow room with secret access to a disco room celebrating the history of San Francisco, a Willy Wonka inspired display of gummy bears, a Pop Rocks room with a rock climbing wall, and of course the iconic Sprinkle Pool – this time with a high powered air shower to get rid of all the excess sprinkles. With cotton candy, Unicorn Milk ice cream, My/Mo Mochi, and tons of tastings throughout you will also get to enjoy the launch of Maryellis’s own ice cream – with flavors such as Sprinkle Pool and Piñata!

The wildly popular traveling exhibition – has completely redefined experience and what it means today. Founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn left her job in the corporate world to produce something experiential and different and has come to create the biggest cultural phenomenon. Since its launch in the summer of 2016, nearly one million visitors have experienced the museum, tasted the special treats from local creameries and captured eye-popping photos of the dreamy, magical ice cream reality across the country.

Museum of Ice Cream, dubbed “the Hamilton of museums,” by Jimmy Kimmel, is a phenomenon of its own and one that continues to deeply resonate. They’ve had visitors from all over the world including everyone from the Beckhams to Adele to Gwyneth Paltrow and more. Today, social media is bigger than media… it is how we communicate, connect and consume. The museum reflects this evolution by offering a 100% culturally inclusive way for people to explore, discover and engage in the world. These innovations unleash that potential and open doors for a new form of entertainment to drive traffic whether experienced in-person or on devices. In doing so, Museum of Ice Cream provides the perfect backdrop for global audiences to celebrate more experiences together in the future.

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