NYFW Is Coming & Here’s How You Can Livestream Shows

The air is cooling down, Hamptonites are running back to the city, and it can only mean one thing… New York Fashion Week is almost here! If you haven’t been able to snag any passes, don’t fret, we have you covered. Livestreams of some shows will be available and here’s how you can watch!

Dan Liu

Livestream – http://admin.blivenyc.com/s/embeds/b-1893-RZbAV/distro

Show Date – 9/10 @ 10am

Theme –  The Lonely Beach Feeling

“People say, “Smell the Sea, Feel the Breeze, Hear the Ocean, Be at Ease”… which is true and I love the way how people feel about beaches and sea breeze, but to me, it’s a lot more than that.  To me, it is okay to be sad in life, it’s okay to be hurt in love, and it’s fine only the ocean is there to be with me… because to me, “feeling” is much more important than other senses that we have.  Yes, our eyes can see and ears can hear, but I’d rather “feel” because by feeling, even though I’m all alone and sad in the beach, I know the Sun will eventually warm me up, the sand will comfortably soap my feet, and certainly, see breeze will give me a hug thru inside out. No one wants to be sad and lonely… and no one loves failure… but this is the only way we can live our lives completely and feel alive when we search our feelings with our soul.”  – Dan Liu

Leanne Marshall
Show Date – 9/10/17 @ 3pm
Theme – “Green Wall Diamond Portal”  – A transportation to the Other Side of the Green Diamond Wall

Jarel Zhang
Show Date – 9/10 @ 9pm
Theme – Beauty in the chaos 
Inspiration – Jarel Zhang drew inspiration from the chaos, construction, and movement of the New York Streets. He found beauty in the chaos and the structure.


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