Listing: Casita Maria’s Annual Fiesta At The Plaza Hotel

Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education’s Fiesta 2017Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Each year at Fiesta the Casita Maria Gold Medal of Honor is awarded to outstanding individuals in recognition to their contribution to the worlds of arts, education, and philanthropy. This year, Casita Maria honors three exceptional women: Rosaura Henkel, the Mexican philanthropist extraordinaire for her work with “Duerme Tranquilo” and service to numerous hospitals; New York’s own Elizabeth T. Peabody for her dedication to mental health and compassionate leadership to The Maria Droste Counseling Services; Julia Salvi, the co-founder and visionary behind the renowned Cartagena International Music Festival. The evening’s host is FOT TV’s  Audrey Puente. daughter of great Latin percussionist, Tito Puente, himself a Casita alumnus and former honoreeThe Dinner Chairmen are Jacqueline Weld Drake and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia. Casita Maria’s annual benefit is an elegant and fun evening that begins with cocktails at7:30, followed by seated dinner, music and dancing at 8:30.

For tickets, tables, and more information visit

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