The Summer Jewelry Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Layered necklaces, exaggerated earrings, or chunky rings – whichever way you spin it, jewelry is the easiest way to spice up any look. These are our favorite looks right now!

Cate & Chloe – Brianna “Strong” Layered Gold Necklace – $79

Layered looks are the hottest new trend with fashion jewelry and we’re confident that this style is here to stay! The Brianna “Strong” Necklace features 2 chains; One with a small, delicate ball, and the other with a trending gold bar.  Made with gold-plated brass.


Don’t miss out on the Love Me Drop Down Earrings! Simple, silver earrings with a modern edge. Wear these on your next night out to add some understated elegance to your look!

Dylanlex – AVERY – $85.00

The best earring is one that requires no piercing at all! The AVERY ear cuff adjusts to wrap around your lobe with ease. The best little addition to your statement earrings, AVERY is subtle yet screams IMA B.B. Antique silver plated with Swarovski crystals and an adjustable opening.

Oscar De La Renta – BOLD FLOWER RING – $190
Romantic and eye-catching, this botanical-adorned cocktail ring is set in our signature 10k gold-plated pewter, making a gilded splash against all of your everyday outfits. Stack it alongside all of your everyday bands, or wear it as your only accessory for a subtle statement.


Kate Spade – dainty sparklers bar cuff – $88
A glint, a glimmer, a flicker: wear-everyday (and wear-with-everything) jewelry should still have a delicate dose of shine. This dainty sparklers collection is subtle and sweet worn solo — and perfect for layering for those more-is-more moments. Made from shiny 12-karat gold plated metal.
Missguided – silver crescent moon layered choker necklace – $11
Simple, cheap, silver and black layered choker necklace with crescent moon pendant. Chokers are this year’s biggest necklace come-back and layering them just makes them more on trend. A summer must-have!
The Bendel Rocks series celebrates the things in life that are both beautiful and bold. The Bendel Rocks Disc Hoops bring out the best in any ensemble, and reflect the boldly beautiful Bendel Girl wearing them!


Cate & Chloe – Carmen “Lively” Cage Ring – $55

The distinctive style of the Carmen “Lively” Cage Ring is no doubt an attention getter. Add some edge to your style by wearing this gold plated statement piece! Gold plated cage ring,

Love makes the world go round. It has the power to climb mountains. It has the power to calm oceans. It has the power to unite us. Love is the power that will heal humanity and create a thriving world. Use it wisely.
ASOS – Ottoman Hands Large Rectangle Aqua Ring – $88
Ottoman Hands is a unique collection of handcrafted jewelry inspired by designer Deniz Gurdal’s travels to Turkey. Working closely with local gem cutters and artisans, Ottoman Hands combine traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic across a collection of ornate drop earrings, beaded friendship bracelets and oversized statement rings.

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