Out Of Town: Galia Lahav’s F/W 2017 – 2018 Paris Haute Couture Show

Before modern science, specimens of all types went undefined, collected loosely in Cabinet de Curiosités. A veritable wonderland, these collections were composed of elements of the sea and wonders of the Earth.

Science sought to organize the chaos, aiming to categorize each and every new discovery and place them in pristine glass boxes. Today, with much already labeled and learned, we’re set to create our own cabinet of curiosity, and hearken back to the joy of discovery that once was.

This season, Galia Lahav Couture Evening couples clinical inspirations with innovation, and employs new techniques with an inherent savoir-faire, for a range of pieces that hint at these otherworldly wonders. The designs portray a mix of elements drawn from the ocean’s depth, as well as a variety of artistic objects.

Galia Lahav seeks to blur boundaries, redefine terminology, and reconsider fashion’s key categories, while maintaining a logical flow between casual garments, cocktail dresses and luxurious gowns. Our collection of curiosities includes unconventional silhouettes–from voluminous trousers and billowing sleeves to new takes on pleating. Expect colors such as deep blues, hues of poppy, soft nudes and touches of elemental metallics. Expect the unexpected.

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