Ultimate Long Weekend Packing Guide

Summer is all about trips to the beach, weekends at the lake house, romantic getaways, and traveling the world! This packing guide is everything you’ll need to be comfy, cute, and practical for the perfect vacation.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars from naples soap company

Because you never know if where you’re going will have the essentials you need! Fruity, floral, and exotic blends – a whiff transports you into a tropical paradise or a relaxing spa oasis. Lightweight, no waste moisturizer for hair and scalp. Cocoa butter and coconut oil make these hardworking shampoo and conditioner bars leave hair silky and hydrated without weighing your hair down. Enriched with quinoa protein to strengthen hair and retain color.

Basics You Can Layer

The reality is that no matter how much you plan and prep you can never control the weather. It’s best to pack layers for taking on and off depending on the heat, sun, rain, or whatever else is thrown your way! Tobi is the perfect online shop to order some inexpensive basics to your door. While they are affordable, they don’t compromise on being CUTE!

Cute Shades

Take off in style with Drew Barrymore’s line of affordable and on-trend eyewear! Flower Eyewear’s Casey aviator shades have metallic touches and ladylike lenses that glamorize this classic men’s style so you know you’ll earn your wings. Available in black/gold and rose gold with cream.

Deodorant you can travel with
Unfortunately you can’t take aerosol spray deodorant on the plane, so thank god for Native Deodorant. Let’s be honest here – it can be close to impossible to survive summer without applying (and re-applying) deodorant. One of the best things about Native is it stays smelling fresh all day long, even in the crucial summer heat! Even better is that it now comes in brunch scents! Yes you read that correctly, you can now smell like Mimosa, Rosé, and Sangria all summer long.
Comfy Socks

It’s summer and we are all in sandals so everyone forgets to pack socks! But maybe you’ll want to hit the gym, take in a yoga class, play a sport, keep warm after a swim in the ocean, or keep your feet from getting blisters while walking around all day. If that doesn’t convince you… hotel floors… need we say more? Gross! Pair of Thieves has cute and practical socks for any vacation need. We love their perfect no-show socks. Low enough to be invisible in Vans, but grippy enough not to slip down on your heel. All the while, being extremely breathable to eliminate the dreaded Stank Foot.

Tech Accessories
 You never know if the place you’re going will have enough outlets so the pivoting power strip is a must to keep all your phones charges. It’s also super easy to pack thanks to the pivoting! Also great to pack is a portable charger for any long car rides, airplane rides, or beach days. And lastly, a phone case that doubles as a selfie stick?! Must have!
Shoes You Can Walk In

For walking around your favorite city all day or  hiking down to a hidden beach Off The Beaten Track shoes are must haves. For those who know you can’t see the world from the seat of a bus, berth of the train, the railings of a boat or the porthole of a plane, OTBT’s women’s casual shoes are made for you. Made for walking the road less traveled, they’re the comfortable shoe of choice for restless wanderers.

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