Photos: Urban Tech’s 22nd Annual Gala With Hannah Bronfman & Brendan Fallis

The National Urban Technology Center Inc. (Urban Tech) celebrated their 22nd anniversary last week honoring Hannah Bronfman, Valerie Jarrett, Vicki Fuller and Don Lowery. The gala was held at Guastavino’s in New York City with guests including Founder/President Pat Bransford, honoree Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis, Alicia Quarles, Jessica White, Allen Maldonado, Laquan Smith and Ted Lange.

The National Urban Technology Center (Urban Tech) is a social enterprise committed to changing the game in education through social emotional learning. We create solutions for students that recognize their value to society, regardless of their social background, by providing an interactive curriculum that reflects the student’s personal experiences, ideas, and dreams. By utilizing animation, relatable language, popular music and gamification, Urban Tech is able to engage students on an unprecedented level. Students who have used Urban Technology have demonstrated improvements when it comes to social skills, emotional and physical health, digital literacy, financial education, and a variety of other subjects. Our standards-based curriculum adapts to the needs of the students and prepares them for 21st century careers while providing personal support to teachers and parents in an effort to improve student education.

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