Hamptons: The Ultimate Adult Summer Camp

Under new management, WorkEatPlay, Montauk property Ruschmeyer’s is the ultimate “adult summer camp” in the Hamptons this summer.  Complementing its atmosphere of grown up fun-in-the-sun, Ruschmeyer’s is launching a revamped cocktail menu, ensuring that visitors to Montauk’s go-to creative destination have the perfect retreat from the chaos of their day – whether spent co-working or hanging by the pool.
With cheeky names such as “All Nighter”, “Not Yo Mama’s Gin and Tonic”, and “Mezcal Season” and featuring ingredients such as edible flowers, jalapeño, and fresh watermelon juice, Ruschmeyer’s craft cocktails are the perfect addition to your ideal summer out east.
Keeping in theme are fun activities including ping pong, life size beer pong, and live music!
Ruschmeyer’s Specialty Cocktails 
Belvedere Vodka, Fresh Watermelon Juice, Lime, Jalapeno or Mint
All Nighter  
Herradura Tequila, Cilantro, Chili Pepper, Fresh Lime, Agave
Not Yo Mama’s Gin & Tonic  
Fords Gin, Jack Rudy’s Tonic, Citrus, Herbs, Edible Flower
Mezcal Season  
Illegal Mezcal, Ancho Reyes Verde, Pineapple, Fresh Lime

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