Photos: Save Animals, Look At Art, & Drink! With Leesa Rowland & Animal Ashram


Animal Ashram’s founder Leesa Rowland hosted over 100 guests in an event honoring Last Chance for Animal’s Founder Chris DeRose in an support of Last Chance For Animals and Animal Ashram. The event that was in support of Last Chance For Animals and Animal Ashram was chair Robin Cofer, Liz Derringer, Arden Wohl. 

Guests were greeted by shirtless male models whose faces were painted as animals serving vegan hors d’oeuvres by Walid Hammami’s  WILD and vegan ice cream pops By Chloe. Highlights of the event included Dina Fanai serenading the crowd and Animal Ashram’s founding member Larry Wohl emceeing the art silent auction and raffle at The Gallery on West 26th street. Following the art and cocktail reception there was an intimate vegan sit-down dinner for 30 Animal Ashram’s supporter at Bottinos.

The silent auction includes art from artists Victor San Andres, Romero Britto, Margaret Zox Brown, Carolyn E. Davis, Marianna Fox M. Fox, Charles Fazzino, Ed Heck, Peter Max, Burton Morris, Patrick McMullan, Peter Reginato, Jeff Rodgers & Annie Watt


Guests included:  Leesa Rowland, Chris DeRose, Robin Cofer, Liz Derringer, Larry Wohl, Arden Wohl, Mary and Peter Max, Dorinda Medley,Shannon Elizabeth, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Victor Medina-San Andres, Kathryn Rotella, Lee Fryd, Hank Stampfel, Jane Scher, Glenn Myles & Jennifer Myles , Dominick D’Alleva, Barry Jacobson, Montgomery Frazier & Ben Mindich, Allen Hassan, Mandy Welty, John Mesa, Amelia Doggwiler , Wendy Diamond , Shawni Alexander, Marianna Fox , Dex Phillip, Ashley Silverman , Larry Silverman, and Chris Longoria

There was amazing selection of raffle prizes and gift certificates from including Studio 19NYC Hair Salon gift certificate donated by Vasilia Hatgidimitriou, Mina D. Necklace, Revel Rouge, Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, Wild Restaurant, Pet Pantry, Flirt Beauty Boutique, Dr. John Mesa Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Intraceuticals O2 Facial by Dr. Yasmin Djeffadine, IPL Treatment by Jane Scher’s RC, BSN, Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur, SoulCycle, Ethos Gallery Dinner

Photo credit Natalie Bero/


Animal Ashram provides grants and funding to worthy organizations and individuals offering sanctuary to homeless and helpless animals of all species. Animal Ashram respects and promotes the oneness of life and the principles of ahimsa. Our not-for-profit mission is to raise money for a variety of educational and public outreach programs, provide funding resources and raise awareness of equality of life among all living beings. For more information about Animal Ashram

ABOUT LAST CHANCE FOR ANIMALS: Founded in 1984 by Hollywood actor Chris DeRose, Last Chance For Animals (LCA) has its roots in fighting and exposing the inherent cruelty of vivisection. In the organization’s early years, DeRose led teams of dedicated activists employing non-violent strategies modeled after social movements led by such leaders as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Using “Direct Action,” LCA activists engaged in peaceful protest with determined resolve… to make sure their voices would be heard. When direct action was still a new concept in the American animal rights movement, every well-planned demonstration achieved tremendous media coverage. By the late 1980s, LCA was earning a national reputation for its no-nonsense approach to exposing animal cruelty. Though dozens of activists faced arrest and some even faced extended jail time for charges such as trespassing, LCA is proud that its direct action protests have never caused injury to a person who was not voluntarily involved (i.e., some activists themselves were injured due to being forcefully ejected from the protest).

With its national reputation growing, LCA received support from around the country, and around the world — from caring people who decided that it was time to fight peacefully yet fight hard… staging direct action, and gathering evidence to send animal abusers to jail.

With an increased budget and staff, LCA expanded its focus beyond vivisection. In the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, LCA has worked on virtually every animal rights issue, including farming, fur, and animals in entertainment. LCA’s primary focuses are vivisection, pet theft, fur, and circuses.

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