NYC Fitness Classes You’ll Actually Want To Take

In New York City, we are blessed with so many options for fitness classes around the city. So, we’ve made it easy for you and narrowed it down to a few that are fun, unique, and kick you butt into shape!

Hot Vinyasa – Yoga to the People – Midtown

Whether it’s your first class or your 100th class, Yoga to the People is a great go to. Adding the heat is a great way to challenge yourself a little more than usual and even deepen some of the postures. Classes are very affordable in comparison to many other yoga classes in NYC and the community feel of the students and teachers gives off a homey feel.

Aqua – TriBeCa

If you love cycling and you love the water, this is the class for you. Aqua takes your typical high intensity cardio cycling class and immerses it under 4 feet of water. Not only do you feel refreshed as you work your butt off, but the salt water provides natural healing benefits as well.

Ariel Yoga – Om Factory – Union Square and Fashion District

This class is a great option for people who are looking for that extra flare on their typical yoga class. Students are able to breathe and move very similar to how they would in a vinyasa class, only the silk hanging from the ceiling adds the extra challenge as well as an extra stretch. Teachers also help beginners as well as advanced students to explore inversions from the silks which will set you up for a huge confidence boost and adrenaline rush.

Rumble – Chelsea

Rumble is definitely that class that will get you fired up and give you a release from a stressful day. A class at Rumble consists of 10 rounds – 5 on the punching bags and 5 at your designated weight station. With the music pumping and the lights dimmed low, the instructor will talk you through a series of combos on the bags as well as a total body circuit with weights. Prepare to leave with your heart racing and sweat dripping down your face.

Trooper Met Con Camp – Trooper Fitness – Midtown East

This class offers a combination of strength and endurance exercises to leave you feeling stronger and leaner. Expect to use a wide variety of equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes, boxes, hurdles, medicine balls and much more. The instructors always keep the class motivated and encourage students to be team players. You will definitely leave this class feeling untouchable.

About The Author: Jamie Botti is a personal trainer and yoga instructor based out of Chelsea, NewYork City. To have Jamie take one of your classes, or to train or learn from Jamie, please contact New York Rag directly.

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