Featured Artist: Donald Robertson

These days it seems you can’t scroll down your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed without seeing something he’s painted! Often compared to Andy Warhol,  Donald Robertson is known for his bold colors, raw finishes, and fresh takes on ordinary items. He’s created designer pizza boxes, painted red hot lips on retro cars, and gives funky looks to makeup packaging.

His latest conquest is a knock a Donald Trump’s immigration stance, painting his iconic figures dressed in a flag from every country.

#TEAMIMMIGRANT, 2017 – 7 color screen-print on Coventry Rag 290 gsm – 30 x 44 IN / 50.80 x 111.76 CM – Edition of 250, 50 APs Signed and numbered 2017 – $450

“This was hard. I don’t usually break a sweat. I had tried to start this in the past but I could never make ALL of you happy. Now is the time to celebrate that there are a lot of immigrants in America today. I am one 🇨🇦! Chasing the American dream like the rest of you. This is my way of saying we are all better off swirling around in this amazing melting pot together!” Robertson said on his Instagram page announcing the finished work.

It’s not his first knock at Trump…

#pussygrab – $3,800.00 – Acrylic on Last Page of Pad/ 18 x 24

And, if you haven’t started following the outspoken artist on Instagram, we recommend it – if not for the art or to keep up with his New York/LA appearances,  then for his adorable kids!

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