The Ashley Bouder Project, Women In Dance Taking The Lead!

Ashley Hod and Devin Alberda, Laine Habony and Spartak Hoxha, Indiana Woodward and Ghaleb Kayali perform the world premiere of Ashley Bouder’s In Pursuit Of’ – Photo credit Diana Mino

George Balanchine proclaimed, “Ballet is Woman,” but it’s been long ruled by men.  Ashley Bouder, the brilliant NYC Ballet principal dancer seeks to change this with The Ashley Bouder Project, where women create all the choreography.  Opening at Symphony Space on March 17th the centerpiece was a rare two-woman pas de deux with NYCB Prima Ballerinas Sara Mearns and Ashley Bouder, choreographed by Liz Gerring to a new score by Anna Weber. Bouder offered her own choreography set to a new score by NY Jazzharmonic’s associate director, Miho Hazama.  Also on the program was a revival of Susan Stroman’s ‘Blossom Got Kissed’ set to music by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.  Much of the evening’s music was performed live by the New York Jazzharmonic; a 17-piece live orchestra conducted by Bouder’s co-producer Ron Wasserman.

An intimate reception was held afterwards at Bar Thalia where patrons and dancers toasted the success of The Ashley Bouder Project. Guests included Bouder’s longtime friend and supporter, Joanna Fisher, as well as Teri Agins, Karole Armitage,  Alba Clemente, Cece Cord, Irina and Max Dvorovenko, Olivia Flatto,  Judith Hoffman, and Tony Walton.

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