This Pop-Up Shop Has GOLDEN donuts!

 Did someone say DJ’s and Donuts?

Manila Social Club in Williamsburg made headlines when they created a 24 karat gold donut doused in Cristal Champagne icing for a cool $100 per golden donut (or $1000 per golden dozen). The highly decadent dessert is made with an ube base, a sweet yam widely used in Filipino desserts like ice cream,  24K gold dust and 24K flavorless shiny gold leaf and is iced to extravagance with more Cristal champagne.

On January 19TH, from 6PM to 8PM, Manilla Social Club’s infamous donuts will be selling at Canal Street Market, a brand new highly curated multi-vendor retail space and eatery located in the heart of downtown New York. The event will be the FIRST time their Donuts will be made available to the public in Manhattan!

The Golden Cristal donuts are available to pre-order now (Click here) to be picked up at the event and during the event the team will be taking pre-orders to pick up at a later date.

Alongside the Golden Cristal donut, they will be selling their Ube Bae donut and Buko Pandan Donuts as well as showcasing three NEW flavors that will be dropped exclusively for the event including a Gin Calamansi (Filipino citrus fruit) Donut for $4.00 per donut.  All of the donuts will be made fresh and will be iced at the Canal Street Market cafe.


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