Candace Bushnell Hamptons Reading with Parrish Art Museum + BOMB Magazine

toni-c-richard-lewin-13BOMB Magazine and the Parrish Art Museum hosted a reading at artist Toni Ross’s large-scale installation, “Permanent Transience” on the grounds of Marders Garden Center. BOMB editor Betsy Sussler welcomed a standing room only crowd that included Parrish director Terrie SultanBob Morris recalled mentor Edward Albee before reading a new meditation on his youth.  Jacqueline Weld read from her spirited biography of Peggy Guggenheim. Greg Hedberg described his recent discoveries about Degas.  Candace Bushnell performed a spirited a cappella reading from a new story — the hilarious escapades of the daughter of an over-sexed reality star.  Betsy Sussler closed the afternoon from a not yet published family saga.  Local Sweet’tauk Lemonade was served.

The Parrish Art Museum’s off-site series, Parrish Road Show presents “Permanent Transience,” an installation by Toni Ross remains on view at Marders, 120 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton.

jacqueline-weld-wolfgang-and-anne-eisenhower-flottl fern-malice-bob-morris-candace-bushnell bob-morris betsy-sussler-toni-ross-jacqueline-weld-anne-eisenhower-flottl
Photos by Richard Lewin

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