Fall, Already?! Cocktails That Will Have You Excited For Autumn

Whether you are having friends over to watch football, sitting around the fire pit on a starry night or just enjoying a pretty fall day, these autumn-inspired cocktails feature some of the most iconic flavors of the season – maple, caramel, apple.

Tap Spiced Apple

Spiced Apple

1 oz. Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky

2 oz. Ginger Beer

2 oz. Apple Cider

Build all ingredients in a rocks glass with ice and stir.  Garnish with a wedge of apple.

Caramel Apple Sangria_PR1

Caramel Apple Sangria (serves 25 ­ 30)

1 (750ml) btl Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka

2 btls sparkling wine or champagne

1 quart fresh apple cider

2 apples, sliced

Ground cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks

Combine vodka, apple cider and cinnamon in a punch bowl. Let sit for 30 minutes. Add an ice block and apple slices. Pour into glasses and top with chilled sparkling wine.

Pilgrim Punch w-btl

Plymouth Punch (serves 25)

1 (750ml) btl Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka

1 (750ml) btl Tap 357 Maple Rye Whisky

2 cups pomegranate juice

2 cups apple cider

1 cup lemonade

Add all ingredients to a punch bowl with ice.   Stir well to chill and dilute.  Let sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.  Garnish with cranberries, apple, orange, and lemon slices**.  Serve out into punch glasses.

**Optional – Stud fruit with cloves.

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