The Perfect Summer Hostess Gifts

Summer is all about beach houses, cottages, and weekend getaways! Chances are you’ll be spending lots of time at someone else’s home and while it’s tacky to show up empty handed, you also don’t want to show up with the wrong gift! These gifts are sure to get you an invite back.

1. For men, a nice bottle of booze they probably haven’t tried…
Inspired by Côte d’Azur’s famously indulgent, glamorous lifestyle Côte d’Azur, Allaire luxury spirits are an opulent trifecta of quality, elegance, and uniqueness.
Vodka: Unequaled flavors and aromas originate from Allaire’s choice of select grains grown in the heart of the polish plains. Their crafting methods, distilling it six times and then filtering it five times, gives it outstanding purity, clarity and shine. The complete process tops up its elegant taste.
Tequila:   The premium tequila is made with 100% select blue weber agave that were slowly cooked to give a Tequilaperfect balance of sweetness. Made in small batches and crafted free of any additives to respect its true essence. Aged in bourbon casks and filtered with an innovative process to give it a smooth agave flavor and characteristic crystal tone.Rum
Rum:   Rum from Barbados is considered by many the archetype to be taken as a reference point for others. Allaire’s rum is the ultimate representation of excellence from the island. Aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels and filtered with their proprietary method that gives it a beautiful crystal tone and enhances the sensory richness.
If you can’t choose just one, have a  Ménage a Trois, which features a collection of Allaire’s premium Vodka, Tequila, and Rum.


2. For the foodie hostess, a unique cutting board to add to their home…

37669660_011_b10 37669660_011_b2

Regione Cheese Board from Anthropologie is elegant with sheesham wood and marble detailing. Every one is slightly different and unique with the design carved into the wood making it far more than ordinary.

3. For the family hostess…

canvas-bocce-ball-set-b (1)canvas-bocce-ball-set-b

Let the outdoor tourneys begin! Fun for the whole family: originating in Italy, bocce has become a favorite activity of leisure time lovers and afternoon loungers around the world. This Mark and Graham set comes with the standard eight balls (four white and four blue), all housed in a handsome canvas bag – with an embroidered monogram – as well as a pencil and pad for score keeping and instructions on how to play.

4. When you’re staying with friends…

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.13.49 PMBeeropoly from uncommongoods is fun across the board with this hopped-up drinking game. Perfect for parties or just to start the weekend right, Beeropoly invites players to quaff their way through a series of beer challenges- from a rhyming competition to demonstrating their best dance moves. Players take turns rolling the dice (included) and moving their bottle cap pieces around the handsome pine wood board. They complete the beer challenges along the way and risk elimination. The last man or woman standing must drink the Community Cup. Cheers!

5. For your bestie who has it all…


Deborah Lippmann Undressed 6-Piece Nude Nail Polish Set! The perfect nude nail is at your fingertips … in six elegant shades. Our set of 6 fashion shades flatter any skin tone, creating a graceful, polished (no pun intended) look. From work to weekend, looking natural has never been so glamorous.

6. For the pet lover in your circle…

NMH8J8T_mu Neiman Marcus just makes it easy! These four-quart galvanized Good Dog Gift Buckets holds a canvas boat shoe toy, canvas gingham bone toy, rope tug and toss, rope bone toy, and four Harry Barker crest play balls. Bucket, recycled steel; boat shoe canvas toy, stuffed with ecoNMH8J8M_mu-friendly fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles, cotton canvas, and azo-free faux fur with a two-way squeaker; cotton rope tug and toss made from azo-free recycled cotton yarns; gingham bone canvas toy made of a canvas fabric.

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