Museum of Arts and Design LOOT 2016 Jewelry Benefit

The Museum of Arts and Design

LOOT 2016 Opening Benefit

Shopping Cocktails and Benefit Dinner

Joan Hornig & Kay Unger Honored

Angela Cummings was Honorary Chair

Monday, April 11, 2016

New York City

anniewatt_26714-Kay Unger

The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) hosted 300 guests at the LOOT 2016 Opening Benefit on Monday, April 11, 2016. The evening’s events included first access for patrons to meet the LOOT 2016 artists and acquire their designs, a cocktail hour and reception, as well as a dinner who honored the LOOT 2016 Award recipients, jewelry designer and arts patron Joan Hornig, and fashion designer and philanthropist Kay Unger. Internationally renowned fine jewelry designerAngela Cummings was the Honorary Chair. The evening’s Dinner Chairs were Michele Cohen and Marsy Mittlemann and LOOT’s Curator is Bryna Pomp. Guests wore their most fabulous jewelry.

anniewatt_26773-Kasia McCormick, Stephanie Kamfar, Barbara Tober, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Barbara Regna

Michele Cohen greeted dinner guests at Robert, MAD’s award winner restaurant, and presented the first award to Joan Hornig, who addressed the room saying, “I love that jewelry has the ability to transcend time, culture, and gender. I am honored to be associated with the only American museum to have a permanent space committed to showcasing its permanent jewelry collection along with contemporary innovators.”

anniewatt_26764-Joan Hornig, George Hornig, Julia Haber

Dinner Co-Chairman, Marsy Mittlemann then presented the award to honoree Kay Unger. Beth Rudin DeWoody, acting as the voice of honoree Kay Unger who stood beside her stricken by bronchitis unable to speak, said “I am thrilled to join Joan Hornig not only in supporting the MAD Museum, but also in celebrating the artists and the creative spirit inherent to LOOT.” MAD Chairman Emerita, Barbara Tober presented Isabel and Ruben Toledo with a birthday cake at their seats. The Toledos’ designed the LOOT 2016 artwork for the invitation.

anniewatt_26916-Lynn Yaeger, Andre Leon Talley

Benefit guests included: Loreen Arbus,  Maria & Mercedes Barba, Tony Bechara, Barbara Bennett, Gene Bernstein, CeCe Black, Dominique Bluhdorn, Joanne Brecker, Noreen Buckfire, Dr. Joyce Brown, Sharon Bush, Michele & Marty Cohen, Stacy Creamer, Beth Rubin DeWoody, Jamie Drake, Anita Durst,  Patti Dweck, John Eason,  Patricia Falkenberg,  Audrey Gruss, Maria Eugenia Maury Haseltine & William Haseltine, Yaz Hernandez, Joan & George Hornig,  Mady Hornig, Suzanne Jaffe, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Michele Gerber Klein, Gigi Koch , Marlene Krauss, Laura and Lewis Kruger, Maureen, Pat & Andy Langer, Francine LeFrak, Valerie Lettan, Janet & David B. Levine, Bonnie Levine, Pam Levine, Liz & Jeff Peek, Marty Pomp, Barbara Regna, Bette Saltzman, Jean Shafiroff, Andre Leon Tally,  Barbara & Donald Tober, Isabel & Rubin Toledo, Kay Unger, Janet Winter, Maria Vecchiotti, Rita Warner, Jan Wysocki, and Lynn Yaeger.

anniewatt_26921-Marsy Mittlemann, Kay Unger, Beth DeWoody

Dinner Co-Chairs were: Corice Arman, Noreen Buckfire, Marian C. Burke, Patti Dweck, Leslie Fielden, Ann Kaplan, Laura Taft Paulsen, Barbara Regna, Patricia Hearst Shaw, Barbara Tober, and Ruben and Isabel Toledo.

Benefit Committee were:  Loreen Arbus,  Joanne Brecker, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, Kathy Chazen, Simona and Jerome A. Chazen, Betsy Z. Cohen, Michele and Marty Cohen, Emily Cutler, Arlene Dahl, Adria de Haume, Jacqueline Weld Drake, Jamie Drake, Anita Durst, Nancy Fisher, Deban Flexner, Linda R. Gelfond, Lori Golden, Paul and Diane Guenther, Susan Gutfreund, Christie Hansen, Phyllis Hollis, Janet and Howard Kagan, Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan, Laureen S. Knutsen,  Day Kornbluth, Jane Koryn, Laura and Lewis Kruger,  Nanette L. Laitman, Sheila Lambert, Patricia and Andrew Langer, Meriel Lari, Luisa LaViola, Debra L. Lee, Valerie A. Lettan, Stacey Mayrock, Evelyn Musher, Maureen M. Nash, Liz and Jeff Peek, Mike Walsh Peissis, Linda Plattus, Jane Preiser, Deborah Roberts, Sara L. Schupf, Bobbie Seril, Malini Shah, Holly Shapiro, Barbara Karp Shuster, Maria Vecchiotti, Adrienne Vittadini, Barbara Waldman, Eunice Ward, Janet Winter, and Jan Alane Wysocki and Steven Wilson.

anniewatt_26933-Isabel Toledo, Ruben Toledo

Menu included: Appetizer, Goat cheese and papaya salad with arugula, radish, papaya vinaigrette.  Entrée, Beef tenderloin with sweet potato mash and haricots verts. Dessert, Birthday Cake (Almond peach cake, vanilla caramel, plum gelée).

anniewatt_26918-Michele Cohen, Joan Hornig

LOOT is the Museum of Arts and Design’s annual exhibition and sale of one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry created by more than 40 of the world’s most innovative jewelry artists working in a range of materials including silver, pearls, and semiprecious stones, as well as more unconventional materials like glass, wood, hand-painted canvas, porcelain, papier mache, concrete, zinc, sequins, and feathers. For most of these artists this is their New York debut; all will be at the Museum to meet you and discuss their work.

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