YAGP Secrets Of A Ballet Coach

aw-26528-Melissa Barak,Irina Dvorovenko,Judith M. Hoffman,Maxim Beloserkovsky
Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, former American Ballet Theatre principal dancers, shared their experiences of being coached and now coaching at major ballet companies, to First Position Club members of YAGP. Joined by Rachelle Di Stasio, Luciana Paris, Calvin Royal III, and Gabe Stone Shayer, they demonstrated that often the secret to a dancer’s professional journey and true success lies in the coaching process.
aw-26524-Gabe Shayer,Maxim Beloserkovsky,Irina Dvorovenko,Luciana Paris,Rachelle Di Stasio,Calvin Royal III
Guests included board members Linda and Martin Fell, Sergey Gordeev, Judith M. Hoffman, Irene Minkoff, Richard Osterweil, Howard Paley, Joy Sabella, and John and Elizabeth Sills, along with close friend of Irina and Maxim, Tara Milne, and long-time supporter of YAGP, Irene Shen.

aw-26531-Elizabeth Papadopoulos,John Sills,Martin Fell,Linda Fell,Margot London,Maggie Brush

Youth America Grand Prix’s annual New York finals and gala will be held April 27th and 28th at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House. For more information visitwww.yagp.org

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