Eyebrow Tips and Tricks

Can’t leave the house without your eyebrows done? Same here! Even when you’re just headed to the gym, brows are the one thing that have you looking put together… and not so homeless looking! These tips, ticks, and products are your new best friend.

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The BrowGal – Eyebrow Pencil Highlighter

Created by celebrity stylist and “The BrowGal” Tonya Crooks, this cedar highlighter pencil comes in two shades to complement unique complexions.  Each has two ends – matte (to cover blemishes or regrowth) and shimmer.  Use shimmer to highlight and accent the arches of manicured brows while making them look fuller.

$20 Purchase:  www.thegrommet.com


Givenchy – Master Eyebrow Fixing Pencil

Givenchy has developed the first transparent eyebrow-fixing pencil for a flawless, natural-looking shape. Enriched with emollient, shea, and aloe, eyebrows are immediately and evenly smoothed. Achieve the right movement with only your finger thanks to selected polymers, which reinforce adhesion. It features the perfect transparent shade for subtly glossy eyebrows.

$27 Purchase: www.Sephora.com

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The BrowGal – Skinny Eyebrow Pencil

Created by celebrity stylist and “The BrowGal” Tonya Crooks, this three-in-one skinny eyebrow maintenance pencil is designed for precision strokes that emulate hair.  The spoolie brush feathers color in and stops buildup.  With six natural colors – choose exact match or blend a few for the perfect shade.

$23 Purchase:  www.thegrommet.com


Sephora Collection – Sheer Genius Eyebrow Trimmer

This clever two-in-one tool combs through eyebrows and trims them to the perfect length every time. The angled design makes the scissors easy to handle, while the dual-ended metal comb detaches from the bottom blade and reverses, allowing you to cut in the direction of the hair growth on both eyebrows. The angled design makes the trimming scissors comfortable to use in either hand, and aligns perfectly to the natural shape of the brows.

$20 Purchase: www.Sephora.com



Tweezerman – Pink Perfection Slant Tweezerman

This ultra fabulous, hot pink tweezer has a hand filed 25 degree slant for professional precision, and provides more surface area making hair removal easier. With a sharp, perfectly aligned tip, it grabs every hair, every time with the smoothest, true accuracy, closing evenly and firmly and leaving you with the best brows. The perfectly calculated tension is durable and great for comfort, while the stainless steel tip makes cleaning super simple.

$20 Purchase: www.sephora.com

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The BrowGal – Clear Eyebrow Gel

Created by celebrity stylist and “The BrowGal” Tonya Crooks, this eyebrow gel goes on clear over manicured brows to hold the shape and color all day without flaking.  Sweat and water resistant, eyebrows will stay perfect through hot yoga or even swimming.  One coat for light hold, two for medium and three for a firm hold.

$20 Purchase:  www.thegrommet.com

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