St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

NYC Mixologist Veronica Farias of KTCHN at The OUT Hotel has concocted six great libations to help you get your Irish on, whether your drink of choice is a straight-up martini, whiskey on the rocks, or a celebratory shot!


Pot o’ Gold

Rim with gold sugar a Coupe Champagne glass.


1 oz of Goldschlager (Chilled)

Splash of St. Germain

Topped with Champagne (Brut)


The Irish Exit

Rim Rocks Glass with Green Sugar

Pour in a shaker

1.5 Jameson

.75 Lemon

.75 Simple


Strain over glass with ice

Garnish with Cherry


Emerald Elixer

1.5 oz Vodka

1 oz Triple Sec

1 oz Midori

Splash of Lime Juice


Strain over Martini Glass 


The Sláinte

Pour in a shot glass a layer of



Grand Marnier

Use Bar Spoon to layer


The Lucky Charm

1.5 Vodka

1.5 Baileys

Splash of Kahlua

Splash of Milk


Pour over Rocks glass with ice

Top with whip cream

Sprinkle Lucky Charms on top


Luck o’ the Irish

In a Beer glass pour a splash of Blue Curacao

Fill with Peroni or Blue Moon

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