Exhibit: Through the looking glass 2.0 by Leah Tinari

Opening reception  Friday March 4th, 7pm –10pm
Exhibit open March 4, 2016 through March 30, 2016
Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, 98 Orchard st, NY, NY10002

unnamed (10)

For a span of thousands of years up until the beginning of the 20th century, artists held the keys to the only form of visually recording happenings staged or otherwise in our daily lives. With the birth and acceptance of photography and cinematography, things changed. Jump to the 21st century, we have the ability to record our lives and share it at the press of a button, to the point where doing it too often in the form of a “selfie” is a psychological disorder. With her latest body of work Leah Tinari aims to bridge that gap.  Taking cues from painters such as, Degas, Lautrec, The Ashcan School, Tinari cleverly combines their style of recording slices of everyday life, with an eye more towards the visual we are used to seeing through our phones. With Tinari’s “selfie” paintings she again cleverly creates a dialogue between “selfies” and the self portrait paintings of the last few centuries that were their origin.

“My paintings are snippets of time that capture moments and function as a visual diary to create my social realism, a documentation of 30-something contemporary lifestyle and behavior,”

unnamed (9)

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