Acacia Creations – Jewelry That Gives Back – Out Of Ashes Collection

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Acacia Creations has just introduced a new line – Out Of Ashes –  Brass and Aluminum jewelry that is crafted from recycled material and supports international artisans from Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the Phillipines.  Check out our favs!

Beyond Fair Trade

The mission of Acacia Creations has always been to improve lives in a long-lasting and sustainable way.  We go beyond fair trade by creating jobs, providing training, and giving back to communities through our education and healthcare initiatives.  We work directly with hundreds of craftsmen and women at our Nairobi, Kenya studio and across East Africa to improve their skills and product designs.

In 2013, our passion for beautiful, hand-crafted items led us to Asia where we have expanded our fair trade partnerships.  We’re now proud to work with extremely talented  artisans in Thailand, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. Read more about our worldwide impact here.

Connecting Lives

It’s easy to forget the impact our purchases have on the world around us.  At Acacia Creations we try to show how closely connected you really are with artisan producers a world away.  By buying fair trade, you make a very real impact on the daily lives of people in the most impoverished communities.  Acacia Creations is proud to present this beautiful handcrafted work to the rest of the world.

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How It All Started

Acacia Creations was founded in 2007 by Maura Kroh. During her work in refugee camps across Africa, Maura constantly noticed the natural artistic talent of the residents and the beautiful hand-crafted items they produced.  At the same time, she also noticed the frustration of artisans with no outlet to sell their crafts and no way to generate income from their work.  And so Acacia Creations was founded as a way to connect artisans with the global consumer marketplace.


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