Early Valentines Day Gifts For HIM

These fine-crafted ties by Skinny Tie Madness will have you looking sharp, sleek, stylish, and smokin’!

Grab this years most-admired accessory – All ties come with a tie clip and they retail for $29.

The must-buy ties for February include:

Painful Payne

This red and white striped tie will add that perfect touch to a romantic escape this Valentine’s Day. It’s 100% cotton but pretty darn magnetic! You’ll draw her closer to you the second she gets a good look.

Vodka Breath

Striped Chambray adds a subtle style that gives you a highly desired edge. While you’re sporting these stripes, she’ll be staring.

Jenny Jen Jen

Make a bold statement with this grey, solid tie that comes with a plaid backing. You’re a studly man who deserves only the best-looking accessories. Classy meets hip with the Jenny Jen Jen.

Strokey the Bear

This blue and cream plaid will make any outfit POP! You will look irresistible as you exudes confidence while wearing a tie that will help bring out your best assets.


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