6 Keys to Getting Your Dream Body OUTSIDE the Gym

New York, NY – By  Jamie Botti

All too often you’ll hear people complain that they work out every single day and they’re not seeing results! Or, you’ll hear they lost a ton of weight and then gained it all back (plus more), a few months later!

So, what’s really going wrong? If you’re spending all this much time at the gym then why aren’t you satisfied with all the hard work you’re putting in? Believe it or not, there is more to getting your dream body than spending an hour or two at the gym each day. Yes, it is important to workout 4 – 5 times a week (for roughly an hour) but here are some factors you should be thinking about the other 163 hours of your week:

1. Nutrition

First and foremost, it is almost impossible to over-exercise a poor diet. Many people ask “how can I lose my body fat and gain abs?” The answer is not to do 500 crunches a day. The answer to eat right!  If you’re not being mindful of what you’re putting into your body, chances are you’re going to either remain the same weight or even gain weight in some cases. The food you eat and the times in which you eat your food will have a large impact not only on how your body changes but also on the quality of your workout. Choosing more wholesome, natural foods is always a good idea and will often give you more energy to get through your workout.

2. Sleep

What’s the use of getting up at 4am to workout before a long day in the office if you haven’t had any quality sleep? Sleep is one of the most important factors in achieving your dream body because this is the time when your body repairs itself the most. If you’re not getting enough QUALITY SLEEP (meaning more hours of a deep sleep), your body won’t have the chance to recover properly and you will likely wind up burning out or even be at a higher risk for injury. Studies have even shown that people who get less quality sleep each night are at a higher risk for obesity and diabetes.

3. Stress

Those who have more stress in their lives are shown to have higher levels of cortisol. Higher levels of cortisol in turn lead to increased belly fat. Although stress at work or home cannot always be avoided, make sure you’re doing things for yourself to unwind and blow some steam off every once in a while.

4. Hydration

Keeping hydrated has countless benefits! Drinking the right amount of water for your body can flush out toxins, reduce bloating, keep you feeling full, and even give you more energy.

5. Breathing

The way in which your breathe will  actually affect how your body moves which will improve the quality of your workout. Taking full, deep, belly breaths will allow your body to move more freely, relieve tension and strengthen your core.

6. Rest Days

You may think that working out intensely for 7 days straight will get you to your goals much quicker but this is not necessarily the case. You may initially start to see some great results after a few weeks of taking no days off, however, the reality is that this is not sustainable nor is it good for your body. Your body needs time to repair itself and rejuvenate. So even if you take one day off and do some active recovery, such as foam rolling, stretching or light yoga, you will be better off than if you were to take no days off.

About The Author: Jamie Botti personal trainer based out of Chelsea, NewYork City. To become a client and get a Body by Botti email JamieBotti58@gmail.com

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